What Can LandLink Do For You?

Every community is unique - that's why we at LandLink are committed to understanding our clients and their cities, so we can create tailored data solutions for every urban development initiative. Our consultation process always begins by getting to know your organization and its specific context and objectives. From there we will work with you to determine what analyses and visualizations are most beneficial for your needs. Some examples of our previous techniques are explained in more detail below, but we are constantly working on new methods of analysis, from econometric regressions to geographic imaging, to ensure we have the solution to your development problem. Even if your request falls outside of our expertise, we're happy to help you find the right people for the job. It's all part of our commitment to helping our urban champions build better communities.

Local Economic Analysis

Overviews of urban property markets, neighborhood value trends, property transaction histories, demographic profiles, school zones, zoning changes; whatever type of data you need to make decisions, we know how to find it and make it easily understandable. We are constantly building and maintaining our databases to ensure we are able to answer your questions quickly and accurately.

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Property Market Forecasting

Predicting the future value of properties and neighborhoods is key to any development strategy. We use powerful algorithms and machine learning models to ensure that you have the most accurate estimates of future trends, so that you can make the most informed decisions on acquisitions, investments, and infrastructure projects.

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Development Impact Assessment

Understanding the effect of specific development initiatives on the surrounding block, neighborhood, or city is the key to measuring success. We provide in depth impact assessment on a range of key indicators to help you benchmark your success, report to stakeholders, and make strategic decisions.

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Project Return on Investment Ratios

Every investor wants to know how much they are getting for their dollar, whether they're private equity groups, government contractors, grant-makers, or individual donors. We analyze project inputs and outputs to determine return ratios using financial analysis, simplifying your assessment and reporting procedures while providing standardized benchmarks for comparisons across projects or timelines.

Data Visualization and Mapping

Displaying information in an intuitive format is essential for any organization's marketing strategy. We help turn data sets into easy to understand visualizations, such as charts, graphs, and three dimensional figures, that you can use in presentations, materials, and websites. We specialize in geographic information systems to display complex urban development trends in simple yet stylish maps and animations.


Estimation of Added Tax Revenue

Property taxes are a critical source of local community resources, from funding for schools to road maintenance. That's why determining the impact of your project on government finances is crucial for demonstrating value to public sector stakeholders and local residents. We provide annual revenue calculations based on variable millage rates for any size project, helping you to quantify public benefit no matter how complex the tax code.

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