LandLink Announces Shift to Urban Analytic Services

Change is never easy, but in this dynamic digital world we all have to be flexible enough to adjust our plans. We here at LandLink are no exception, which is why we're excited to announce a shift in our business model. From the very beginning our mission has been to strengthen communities and foster inclusive development by providing local changemakers with reliable property data. Our original plan was to create a public property registry encryption platform using blockchain technology so that land records themselves were more secure and more accessible. We still believe that such an innovation is dearly needed, but we realized that we were not yet in a position to make it happen. The blockchain technology is still evolving, just as political developments in our potential target markets have made securing contracts with local governments less and less feasible. Rather than put our work on hold, however, we have decided to approach property data in a different direction, by creating a robust system of analytics tools that can help anyone understand property development trends.

Our new enterprise is called "LandLink Analytic Services" because that's exactly what we want to do: serve the urban development professionals that power our cities by providing reliable, affordable data analytics and insights. We believe that our communities prosper when the changemakers that power local development have the right information to make more efficient decisions. We have already been lucky enough to work with two such local champions in our own hometown, the Historic Macon Foundation and NewTown Macon. Over the past three months we conducted two impact analyses on their work in rehabilitating historic homes and promoting loft apartments downtown. To view summaries for these studies check out the new portfolio tab at the top of our website!

We hope to continue to work with them and other partners to help make Macon a more dynamic, inclusive, and prosperous city for years to come. Eventually we also hope to return to property registry solutions, but for now our goal is to conduct more urban development assessments in Macon and other mid-sized cities across Georgia before expanding across the southeast and, eventually, across the country.

LandLink Analytic Service's vision is "to make data analytics accessible for urban development organizations of all sizes by creating a low-cost model of economic impact consultation." If you believe that better data insights can build stronger communities, be sure to keep track of our progress by following us on our Facebook, Twitter, and our new Instagram and LinkedIn accounts through the social links above. You can also sign up for our email newsletter on our new homepage!

If you are interested in finding out what our analytics team can do for your organization, or if you know someone who could benefit from our services, please don't hesitate to contact us through our inquiry form or send us an email at! Thank you for supporting our vision of reliable, accessible property information for all!