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Landlink Holdings, LLC

Public Parcel Registry Systems

Summary of LandLink Systems and our strategy. Please be sure to like our video on YouTube to help us win startup funding at the Mercer Next Big Idea competition!

Secure Systems. Stable Societies.

LandLink Parcel Management Systems is a social enterprise company that provides property registry software services for local land deeds offices. We believe that everyone has a right to own land and that governments have a duty to protect those rights through secure, efficient, and transparent registry systems.

The LandLink system is built on blockchain encryption, making it impervious to hackers while creating a publicly accessible database of property information. By converting to the LandLink system, governments can better enforce property rights, prevent public corruption, spur economic development, and improve value assessment for equitable taxation.

Our company is currently in the pre-revenue phase, seeking equity investment to provide the startup capital necessary to proceed with software development and beta testing, as well as more robust legal protection. If you are interested in learning more about our company or systems, including our plans for implementation or financial projections, please send us an email at the address below. If you would like to keep up with LandLink's progress be sure to follow us on social media or sign up for our mailing list.



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Benefits of LandLink Systems

land security

Secure ownership of land depends on accessible public systems that can validate owner information, record new transactions, and prevent theft. Thanks to the indisputable nature of blockchain ledgers, LandLink creates perfectly secure property title registries.

cost savings

Existing property registries require complex security networks and dozens of public employees for every deeds office. LandLink delivers better results for a fraction of the cost by automating basic search functions, centralizing multiple regions activity on a common database, and enhancing security through blockchain technology.

system efficiency

Traditional property registry databases rely on bureaucrats to access data through time consuming information requests. LandLink's public ledgers make property data requests instantaneous, speeding up transaction and ownership verification processes.

economic development

Corporate and individual investors alike require guaranteed property rights to purchase and develop land. By preventing deed theft LandLink reduces business risk, incentivizing foreign and domestic investment. Through partnerships with financial institutions LandLink also makes it possible for owners to use land as collateral, opening the door for agricultural loans and home mortgages.

information transparency

Property and ownership information are vital statistics for all manner of organizations, from potential homeowners to corporate developers. Transparent information also keeps governments accountable, allowing watchdogs to validate public activity.

Equitable Taxation

Property taxation is based on value assessment, a process applied infrequently with little oversight. Corrupt bureaucrats abuse assessment systems to extort bribes in exchange for under-valuations, leading to an inequitable property taxes. LandLink automates value assessments, preventing corruption while increasing tax revenues for local governments.



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